Volume Licenses

When you asa company buy multiple licenses from Software Land and receive a download link as part of a volume licensing contract. After that, the software is installed on the appropriate number of computers. Each computer requires a separate license. Please keep in mind that, unlike a single-user license (such as OEM), volume licenses do not include a user manual or other packaging materials. OEMs are not compatible with volume licenses.

The ECJ’s decision in the usedSoft/Oracle case has makeit clear that the principle of “exhaustion” applies to every single commercially acquired application. It makes no difference whether the applications are offered individually or as part of a volume license arrangement. In December 2012, the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt reached the same conclusion.

The selling of individual licenses obtained as part of a volume licensing arrangement did not “(lead) to the notion that this was concerned with illegal splitting,” according to the court.Here’s a quick rundown of what this decision entails and the potential benefits of bulk licenses:

  • Volume licenses can be used for virtualization.

Windows Server 2 Core 2016 Standard, unlike its predecessor, is licensed per processor cores. A minimum of 16 cores is required per server, which translates to at least eight 2 core licenses. Furthermore, adequate processor core licensing allows you to employ a maximum of two virtualizations. It’s worth noting that the server is bound to a physical installation or not – it can’t just be virtualized. You can also run as many Windows Server containers as you like.

  • Terminals are compatible with volume licenses.

Consider the following scenario: The terminal server is an important part of the Windows Server 2 Core 2016 Standard since it enables RDS (Remote Desktop Services) functionality. Users can use this to create virtual desktop structures (VID = Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

  • It is possible to divide volume license agreements.

In its decision, the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court made this point quite clear.