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* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements

SQL Server 2016 Standard - target-oriented and secure

SQL Server 2016

The SQL Server 2016 Standard package helps you work with optimal availability and scalable settings. Modern reports for data transformation provide clear insights, and you can also use open source R-Integration for advanced project analysis. The SQL Server 2016 Standard License must be adapted to your server or CAL. This server/CAL license is especially useful with few access licenses. For the server-side environment of the operating system, the SQL Server 2016 standard is indispensable. It does not matter how many SQL Server instances you install: One license is sufficient. Depending on your requirements, you can run your license model via User or Device CAL.

SQL Server 2016 Technologies

Get expert SQL Server 2016 consulting to provide you with important information on functionality and requirements. The database module is responsible for data storage, processing and backup. It ensures controlled access and provides you with rapid transaction processing when needed. This allows even high demands of data processing programs to be met. Furthermore, the module supports you effectively and flexibly with a permanently high availability.

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When you purchase SQL Server 2016, you have access to many applications. These adapt to your everyday and special requirements. Microsoft R Services integrates the proven language R into the workflows of your company. Using SQL Server 2016 Standard, the models can be quickly recreated, trained and evaluated in detail. Microsoft R Server also provides scalable support and is suitable for data sources such as Hadoop and Teradata. The Data Quality Services of SQL Server 2016 Standard enable targeted data cleansing by generating a knowledge base. This is very useful for data correction and deduplication, whether you use computer-aided means or cloud-based systems. The Integration Services platform offers powerful solutions for data integration, including data warehouse packages. Loading, extracting and transforming data are important tasks in this area. The SQL Server 2016 standard solution Master Data Services is ideal for managing master data including analysis and reporting. Here you can create a central register by securely managing the controllable and backup able records that change. Another important feature of the SQL Server 2016 standard is Analysis Services, a useful feature for enterprise solutions. Server and client designers, individuals and teams, the Analysis Services package supports the reliable exchange of information and offers enough capacity for a large volume of data. Replication, reporting services and other functions can be bundled in a central administration according to your wishes using the SQL Server 2016 standard. If you choose the SQL Server 2016 standard, it is important to check the system requirements before you buy. The version runs exclusively on the Windows platform with the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 operating system. In addition to the processor requirements, you should also find out about the other boundary conditions. The RAM should have at least 1 GB, with a larger database better 4 GB. If necessary, let our experts advise you on SQL Server 2016. You can purchase your new SQL Server 2016 Standard from us at a low price - take advantage of the special price!

Hardware requirements

The following memory and processor requirements apply to all editions of SQL Server:
Component Requirement
Hard Disk SQL Server requires a minimum of 6 GB of available hard-disk space. Disk space requirements will vary with the SQL Server components you install. For more information, see Hard Disk Space Requirements later in this article. For information on supported storage types for data files, see Storage Types for Data Files.
Monitor SQL Server requires Super-VGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor.
Internet Internet functionality requires Internet access (fees may apply).
Memory * Minimum: Express Editions: 512 MB All other editions: 1 GB Recommended: Express Editions: 1 GB All other editions: At least 4 GB and should be increased as database size increases to ensure optimal performance.
Processor Speed Minimum: x64 Processor: 1.4 GHz Recommended: 2.0 GHz or faster
Processor Type x64 Processor: AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support, Intel Pentium IV with EM64T support

 Note : Installation of SQL Server is supported on x64 processors only. It is no longer supported on x86 processors.

* The minimum memory required for installing the Data Quality Server component in Data Quality Services (DQS) is 2 GB of RAM, which is different from the SQL Server minimum memory requirement. For information about installing DQS, see Install Data Quality Services.

Software requirements

The following requirements apply to all installations:
Component Requirement
Operating system Windows 10 TH1 1507 or greater Windows Server 2016 or greater
.NET Framework Minimum operating systems includes minimum .NET framework.
Network Software Supported operating systems for SQL Server have built-in network software. Named and default instances of a stand-alone installation support the following network protocols: Shared memory, Named Pipes, and TCP/IP.
SQL Server Setup installs the following software components required by the product:
  • SQL Server Native Client
  • SQL Server Setup support files

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