Pre Owned Software License

SoftwareLand offers a variety of standard software from Microsoft and other manufacturers at up to 50% off the retail price. Over 10,000 international companies, including Salzburger and Neckermann, and even local governments like Munich City Council, are already using pre-owned licenses.

Many customers have realized that “pre-owned” does not always imply “worse,” but rather similarlyas good while being significantly less expensive than the retail price of a new license.

  • When you compare with the manufacturer’s retail price, you will notice that you are saving up by purchasing pre-ownedsoftware licenses, you can save you up nearly 50%.
  • There is no abrasion! When you purchase your software from SoftwareLand, the software continues to run indefinitely, with no signs of deterioration. As a second owner, you will receive the exact same product as the original purchaser with no difference.
  • We have a lot of software to offer. Not only do you find current program versions on the pre-owned market, but you can also find older program versions in large quantities. After all, new does not always imply better: newer program versions necessitate a longer learning curve and consume more hardware resources. An equally proven and trusted version is a viable alternative in such situations, especially for companies and big cooperation.