Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Retail Software products?

Retail software products are identical to what you will find at a nearby software shop. They come in a retail case, with CDs, a manual, a paper licencing agreement, and an activation key. A Retail Product is similar to an OEM product, as they also are approved for use on only one device.

Is the software you’re selling genuine?

At SoftwareLand our services and products are fully legitimate and genuine. SoftwareLand offers free money back policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

What Is an OEM product?

Original Equipment Manufacturer also known as OEM are products and applications that are mostly full-version software that cannot be used as an upgrade. OEM product are always approved for a single device, they are not transferable, and do not have technical assistance from the manufacturing company.

What are digital downloads?

A digital product is an electronic version of the software product that allows you to download and use the product right away. This ensures that your order would not contain a physical CD or DVD disc. The application installation service is accessed via cloud storage.

Is it possible to purchase a single licence and install it on different computers?

Unless otherwise stated, OEM and Retail Products are licenced and programmed to install and to be used on only one device.

How can I be sure that my Microsoft Office copy is genuine?

To ensure authentication and to allow monitoring of their authentic software products, we urge all of our customers to register their email address with their unique Microsoft Office Product key through the Microsoft online activation process.

How do you manage to offer the software(s) at such a low price?

We deal closely with our supplier to buy vast quantities in order to obtain the best price. We want to ensure that our loyal consumers profit from our cost-cutting efforts.

Is it possible to order a hardcopy DVD/CD disc of the software I bought?

We focus on a quick and reliable digital distribution at SoftwareLand. This means you won’t have to wait for a physical copy to arrive; instead, you’ll be able to update the new application right away. You have the luxury of backing up your software to your preferred computer after purchasing (ex. USB drive, disc, external hard drive).

Is it possible to reinstall the programme on a different device if my operating system or computer fails?

Just one computer can be enabled and activated with an OEM and Retail Product software licence.

How long does it take for products to be restocked while they are out of stock?

We make every effort to keep enough supplies on hand for our clients. If we run out of a product, we will do all we can to notify customers as soon as possible and restock our inventory to fulfil your order as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7, 8, or 10?

Yes, you can update Windows Vista to a newer version of Microsoft Windows. This procedure, though, would necessitate a ‘Clean’ or ‘Parallel Installation,’ followed by the Custom-Install procedure. For more detail on installation, please see your machine’s hardware specifications.

Do you sell products in bulk or in large quantities?

You can contact us directly, via email, live chat, or phone, and we will definitely be able to arrange large-volume orders. We’ll give you a detailed quote with information on the product and service you’re interested in.